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London Business Matters

Updated: May 26, 2022

The inaugural UK Black Business Entrepreneur Conference which takes place this July follows on from The Black Entrepreneurs Report 2021 which gives a contemporary insight into Black entrepreneurship experience within the UK.

The Black Business Association (BBA) of the London Chamber of Commerce, and MSDUK have commended this report and are co-partners at the conference. The key intention of the conference is to galvanise a dialogue be- tween different parts of the business community, policymakers, financial institutions, and the public/private and 3rd sectors, to foster open and meaningful conversations in a new and powerful way.

Empower, engage and educate

This premier event is designed to empower, engage and educate, black entrepreneurs with the tools they need to achieve greater success. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights from the latest research, network with other professionals, connect with successful entrepreneurs, connect with buyers in the public and private sectors, and learn how best practices can be applied in their business. The key events of 2020 brought into stark focus the painful inequities in society and the inadequacy of the conversation surrounding diversity and inclusion. Whilst the disparities are ubiquitous within society, less attention has been given to the Black business community, which has also been impacted socio-economically and entrepreneurially.


This UK Black Business Entrepreneur Conference brings together key findings from existing research and fresh insights from its own extensive survey of Black entrepreneurs to shed new light on the inherent disparities encountered by Black, African and Caribbean diaspora (BACD) business communities in the UK. The conference examines a wide range of aspects affecting Black entrepreneurs, including:

• Education and employment • Access to finance • Mentoring and coaching • Social capital, and their inclusion in the supply chain.

Download the full article below (page 72)

Download PDF • 21.90MB

Buy tickets for UK Black Business Entrepreneur Conference here

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