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Leading Change in Difficult Times

The Role of Effective Leadership in Confronting Educational Challenges of Coronavirus Pandemic


This paper is based on understanding how effective leadership can be instrumental in confronting (potential) organisational challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic in organisations with specific focus on educational institutions in order to effectively lead change in these uncertain times. As well- known all organisations including educational institutions are currently bedevilled by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) challenges, which constitute obstacle to effective educational leadership. In rising above these challenges and in contrast with the managerially oriented educational management, this paper argues that effective leadership can engender effective change management as well as aid educational institutions to rise above this quandary, which will ultimately lead to better student outcomes and organisational success. The methodology adopted here is based on secondary sources and consequently this paper conceptually makes some contributions to the field of educational management, leadership and change management, which would guide policymakers, academics, institutions and governments in these uncertain times. The present paper concludes by demonstrating how effective leadership aids our understanding of how to effectively confront the evils of the coronavirus pandemic in the educational context.

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